Moena and the surrounding area

In summer Moena offers guests a wide range of walks and mountain bike trails of varying difficulty. It has become a classic destination for bikers with the Fassa Bike race and for runners with the Marcialonga Running race.


It is the largest town in the Val di Fassa, known as the Fairy of the Dolomites for its atmosphere and charm, so reminiscent of old legends and fairy tales. The town is very well-kept architecturally speaking and stands out for its captivating elegance. Moena has also proven to be very in touch with the Ladin culinary tradition and is home to culinary festivals such as A cena con Re Laurino (Supper with King Laurin), organised by four renowned local restaurants. A main feature of many recipes is the cheese Puzzone di Moena, a long acknowledged Slow Food.

Ciasa Lino Defrancesco · Olga Fenti in Defrancesco · Pontea de Mandra, 2 · 38035 Moena (TN)
Tel. +39 0462 573318 · Cell. +39 334 8169676 · · Cod. Fiscale FNT LGO 50M43 A757 F